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Commercial Pest Control Programs

At Sure Thing Pest Control, we offer The Sure Cure to create a Commercial Pest Management program for your restaurant, warehouse, food processing, hotel, daycare, school, hospital, healthcare, nursing facility, apartment complex, office complex or homeowners association. Whatever business—we’ll eliminate the pests.

Rodent Monitoring & Control
We are familiar with inspecting agencies and will attend all audits we are notified of to help you with better inspections and scoring for your facility. To do this we’ll create The Sure Cure program customized for your facility. Next, we’ll plan a service strategy and then execute the results. We’ll map your facility and label interior and exterior locations. Then we’ll leave an Onsite Station Log Book to retain all reports of station activity and trends within the facility.

Food Processing & Restaurants
At Sure Thing Pest Control, we understand food can attract more than just your desired customer. We also understand it is important to be sensitive with the particular environment you work in. That’s why we provide Health Department approved services that follow FDA standards and practices.

Apartment & Condo Complex
Sure Thing Pest Control offers The Sure Cure to be performed regularly by our technicians to solve Apartment & Condo complex pest control problems. Our Bed Bug Control will provide you with preparation sheets for your residents so we can quickly and efficiently resolve any issues your residents may have. We also offer Termite Treatment options you can count on to fit your needs.

Healthcare and Nursing Facilities
Bed bugs continue to be a concern as residents and visitors come and go. Our experience with sensitive facilities and patient concerns not only provide environmentally safe solutions, but we can also help you with training your staff on inspections and prevention.

Schools & Daycare Facilities
The Sure Cure offers great options to traditional service programs while remaining sensitive to the nature of your school and/or daycare.


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