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Are you worried about a bed bug infestation?

If you have tried everything to identify and eliminate bed bugs from your home, business or property, we have a solution. Sure Thing Pest Control has been eliminating bed bug infestations and problems since 1998. Our team of professionals is highly skilled and trained at discovering the source of the bed bugs and eliminating them there. When you get them at their source, you eliminate them for good.

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    As a premier pest control company in the Cincinnati area, we provide many options that will eliminate your bed bug problem and many others while we're at it. Our technicians are fully trained and highly skilled at inspecting for and detecting precisely where your bed bug problem is coming from. By finding the source and selecting the proper treatment method, we will eliminate bed bugs from your home, business or property.

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    Sure Thing Pest Control has been serving Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky since 1998. We are a local family owned business and have the same concerns you have over maintaining a pest free environment. When you make Sure Thing your exterminator choice you are receiving an industry leading company with top rated technicians and superior customer service. Contact us today for a FREE estimate on your best and most affordable pest control program.

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    Sleep Tight Under The Sure Cure

    Regardless of where they are found, surveys show bed bugs can be the hardest pest to treat. However, our technicians at Sure Thing Pest Control carefully consider the treatments needed for each infested home or business. Below you will find what each of our technicians consider before doing anything to your structure and how we can help.

    What To Consider When Choosing A Treatment

    Choosing the best approach for treating bed bug infestations is important. Wrong choices can be expensive, dangerous, and harmful to pets and people. Some treatments can also be ruinous to infected areas of your home, so it’s important to treat bed bug infestations with proven professional expertise. At Sure Thing Pest Control, our technicians bring training and experience to devise The Sure Cure for your home or business.


    Placing high-powered heaters in an infected home can be effective in certain situations, but can result in damage to items that may melt or distort in the heat. Heat is sometimes ineffective because bed bugs can hide in areas heat can’t reach—resulting in more treatments. Room defoggers, or bug bombs, release at least a partially effective pesticide into the air of a home or business, but bed bugs (and other crawling insects) typically flee when the pesticide is released, heading for cover in deep, inaccessible crevices. Bug bombs also won’t penetrate effectively behind molding and casework, inside electrical boxes, or inside mattresses. The results are that bug bombs are among the least effective treatments for any insect problem.

    The Most Effective Treatment

    The most effective treatments against bed bugs include pyrethroide insecticides, but it’s also necessary to have expertise in identifying the places bed bugs hide and reproduce. To permanently remove bed bugs and their offspring, it’s important to devise a strategy to remove clutter from your home or business and clean any cloth items. At Sure Thing Pest Control, we’ll customize The Sure Cure to rid your home or business of bed bug infestations by implementing effective treatments that are both safe and economical.

    Preparations for The Sure Cure for Bed Bugs

    Call Sure Thing Pest Control to gain access to our Preparations for Bed Bug Services sheet. The preparations sheet will tell you, for example, how to prepare beds prior to disinfecting and how to protect pets. We can be reached at 513-247-0030 and we’ll help you gain access to this sheet after you’ve clicked the button below.

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