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Over the weekend while I was out doing some work around the house, I noticed what looked to be a couple of stink bugs trying to make their way in. It seems they have already started the search for a location to overwinter. If you’ve had issues with stink bugs in the past, now is

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Hover Fly on Hand

If you spent any extended amount of time outdoors this weekend you may have been seeing a lot of sweat bees … Well, they may not actually be sweat bees… They may actually be hover flies which are very beneficial insects! What’s the difference between a Sweat Bees and hover flies? Well, the easiest way to

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When Does Mosquito Season Begin in the Midwest? If you’re like most people, you probably don’t start thinking about mosquitoes until your outside and you get a red itchy welt on your skin letting you know the mosquitoes are out. While mosquito season is usually associated with hot summer months, that’s typically the peak of

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